How To Make Money On The Internet

There are numerous ways to make money on the internet, but most of them require a start up investment, or some specific skills.

For someone who doesn't want to spend money to start an online business there are a few options, and I'll list 'em here.

Before you start making an income on internet you need a way to manage the money, and to do so securely you can use an online payment processor. The most used payment processors are: and

I suggest you start with a Personal account. And please make sure you keep your password safe!

The easiest way to make money online si to use pay to click sites.

Paid to click (PTC) programs have became very popular in the past few years. The reasons why so many peoples joined PTC programs is because of its simplicity, absolutely 100 percent FREE to join and the easiest way to make money online. You don't need to have your own websites, you don't have to pay for website hosting or anything upfront. All you have to do is sign up for free account at PTC websites, click on the advertisements wait for about 30 seconds and you earn money. The cost per viewing advertisement is usually 1 cent per ad.

Paid to click is a very good system for peoples who want to make money online but doesn't know where to start. Everyone can do it and all you need to have is a computer with internet connection. You only need about 20 minutes on your free time per day to to complete each PTC sites while doing something else along for example surfing the internet, blogging, reading news etc.

It's true you won't became reach, especially if you use just one PTC, but if you join 10 or more and click every day you can easily make 12-25$ every month. Sadly, is hard to know what sites to use, because there are so many scams.

Scams, although exposed on various PTC forums, are still heavily used by newcomers who are drawn in to the websites by search engines. Scam PTC sites are known to attract new users with cheap offers for upgrades and referrals and disappear without trace after a short time.

Fortunately you can find a list of trusted paying PTC sites right here on The best ptc  page. Remember to bookmark all the ptc sites you joined so you can return easily and make your daily click and earn money.

If you want more information you can go to About PTC page or contact me and I'll be happy to help.

Another easy way to make money online is by link sharing.

URL shortening programs have also became very popular. These free URL shortening services help you get tiny URLs, great for when text space is limited, and youget paid to share your links on the Internet!

All you have to do is join one or more of these sites (it's free) and start creating your links. For each page you add, you'll get a link that you can start sharing with your friends. Your new paying links will still point to the same page, but will have an ad type that will earn you money. Each time one of your links is clicked -- you earn money.

Place your links on Facebook, Twitter, forums,personal websites and any social networking sites. You get paid for every person that visits your URLs. If you're interested, you can try my favorite link sharing sites: and


If you're interested in a more traditional way to make money, you can sign up as a freelancer on


Google Analytics Alternative Link Exchange With make money online oxytokin

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I'll add new ways to make money soon


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