If you are new in the whole PTC (pay to click) things and confused about how to make money with PTC programs, this article will help you to understand what PTC sites are and how to make money from them.

What are PTC sites?
PTC (pay to click) sites are Internet places where advertisers meet public (members). Advertisers pay to promote their businesses through link ads. Members visit these ads for 30 seconds and make money (usually it is $0.01 per click). This way both sides are satisfied, advertisers will get traffic and potential customers and members will make money. After the minimum payout is reached members are able to withdraw their money.

What are referrals and why you need them?
Every member who join PTC site will get his/hers own referral link. When somebody use your referral link to sign up for a PTC site, he/she will become your downline (referral). Why are referrals important? Because every time referrals click on advertisements their referee make money as well.

*Note most of PTC sites demand members to click all own ads everyday to receive the money from their referrals.

3 simple steps to join PTC site

- Create e-mail address. You can create one for free at www.gmail.com. You will use this address to join PTC sites.

- Register at PayPal (PP) and/or AlertPay (AP) account. PP and AP are the most common online payment processors which members use to withdraw money from PTC sites.

- Join PTC sites. For the best and trusted PTC sites I suggest you to visit us at The best ptc . Don't forget to bookmark all ptc sites you joined so you can return easily and make your daily click and earn money.

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